Adela Garita 

dance classes, saxophone lessons

Costa Rican born Tap & Flamenco dancer and instructor, Adela Garita joined the dance faculty of the “Encore Academy of the Arts” in 2017. She  currently teaches at Encore “American Tap Dance” to students of all ages.

Ms. Garita’s approach to Tap Dance teaching at Encore, integrates the traditional foot and arms techniques of the early 20th Century Swing-based style of Tap dancing, with a more modern style known as Hoofer. The first style looks back to the legacy of American Tap masters such as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, while the latter tends more to see the dancer as a “percussion instrument” in the context of the group. By combining these two styles of Tap Dancing, Ms. Garita is able to more effectively guide and enrich her students in the context of a multicultural city like Miami.

A former Flamenco and Tap student -and later a member- of the “Costa Rican Tap Dance” and “Stomp Dance OrquesTap” companies -both directed by Freddy Corado,- Ms. Garita has performed in stages and theaters of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and the US. She has also worked with dance companies “Costa Rican Flamencos Company” and  “Cal y Canto,” as well as with Flamenco singer and pianist Laura de los Ángeles, taking part in festivals such as “Transitarte,” “International Festival of the Arts,” “Jazz Café,” and the “Coral Gables Hispanic Festival” among others.

She has also received classes and performed with internationally acclaimed American dancers Sara Reich, Jason Janas, Nico Rubio, and Jason Samuel Smith, as well as with Spanish artists Patricia Guerrero, María Juncal, Antonio Tabanco, and Francisco Contreras “El Niño de Elche.”

Ms. Garita performs frequently in the South Florida area, dancing tap and flamenco with the “Juan Sobrino Flamenco Company” and other local groups, collaborating with local Jazz musicians such as Aldo Salvent, Fernando Ulibarri, and Kai Sánchez. She currently works with the “Tres a Compás Flamenco Group,” where she acts as a Flamenco dancer and saxophone player.