Aida Villoch 

Classical Ballet Teacher, dance classes

With an impressive international career as the Prima Ballerina of several Ballet companies around the world, Mrs. Aida Villoch is one of the most experienced instructors at the “Encore Academy the Arts.”

A past member of the internationally acclaimed “Cuban National Ballet,” Ms. Villoch also worked as Prima Ballerina of the “Ballet of Camagüey,” being considered the youngest principal dancer with the highest qualifications and scores in her performance of the classical ballet “Giselle.” She was distinguished with the “Medal of National Culture” for her work in Cuba.

She later danced the entire classical repertory as a guest ballerina in Ballet companies throughout Europe. Ballets such as “Carmen,” “The Rite Of Spring,” and “Images,” among many others, where choreographed for her by Belgian choreographer Jorge Lefebvre -director of the “Royal Ballet of Wallonie.”

Concluding her dance career in Belgium and Cuba, Mrs. Villoch worked for several years as the Artistic Director of both the “Ballet of Camagüey” and the “National Ballet Of Santo Domingo” (Dominican Republic.)

Aida was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. As a child she received ballet training at schools such as the “National School of the Arts,” the “Escuela Provincial De La Habana,” and later the “International Conservatory.” Her primary instructors include: Hilda Canosa, Ana Leontieva, Karemia Moreno, Josefina Mendez, and Fernando Alonso.

Mrs. Villoch has resided in Miami, US, for the past 15 years, being a master teacher, private coach, as well as a choreographer for schools and academies in the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Her choreographies have been recognized by several conventions, competitions, and the “Young Arts Foundation” in Miami.