Flamenco Classes


Flamenco dance is dramatic and passionate with its sweeping arms and quick-moving -music-making feet. It has the ability to engage the audience like no other dance form and it is embedded in our Latin roots … We cannot get enough of it.

Our classes

From the very beginning, our flamenco dance classes focus on strong footwork, upper full body coordination, understanding flamenco music and rhythm, and proper posture. They are a fun way to experience the power of flamenco.

It’s never too early or late to learn to dance flamenco

Encore welcomes students of all ages and proficiency levels. We offer flamenco lessons for children and adults alike and beginner students are as welcome as advance ones. Each of our flamenco classes is designed to meet the specific needs of its students.

The best part

You’ll be able to see the progress of your child at our Christmas and End of Year shows which we combine with live music for an ultimate dance experience.

As if that’s not enough

Flamenco classes are so popular in our dance studio that we include them in as part of our Summer Camp curriculum.

Take a pick!

Give your child the opportunity to express his/her inner strength, passion, and creativity with one of our flamenco classes!