Art Classes

Welcome to Encore Academy of the Arts’ Visual Arts Program! Here at Encore, we offer a diverse variety of art classes for kids, teenagers, and adults, each specializing in different techniques to promote optimal learning and creativity for our students at all levels. We offer private classes, such as portfolio prep or private lessons, as well as group classes that are grouped by age, techniques, and interests. At Encore, we strive to encourage imagination and growth in the arts for all ages! Consider becoming a part of our Encore family, we would love to have you! Check out our Visual Art Classes below!

Art Classes promote creativity and innovation

Students in our Art Classes are encouraged to follow their creative energy and honor their innovative ideas. One of the most beautiful aspects about creating art is the freedom that comes with developing one’s unique touch, and we encourage this discovery.


In many ways, making art is a great stimulator for imagination! The ability to experience art in multiple new ways is a great outlet for kids to form their own creativity, and then take this understanding to apply in all aspects of their lives.

Art is a way to release stress

One of the most amazing benefits of creating art is the ability to have lots of fun while taking part in an activity that produces a sense of overall happiness and tranquility! Participating in artistically motivating endeavors reduces stress and promotes calmness.

Last but not least… art brings accomplishment!

The completion of an art project or activity brings a wonderful feeling of success and a boost of self-esteem. Promoting these positive achievements is beneficial to creating life-long habits of success and motivation!

Art Classes for All Ages + Levels

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Mixed Media
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics

Visual Art Classes at Encore are flexible and encourage an incorporation of various mediums for the positive learning of all of our students. If you are interested in any particular technique(s) and are considering enrolling into our Visual Arts Program for group or individual classes, please contact our office for further details and pricing/registration information. Send us a quick email or give us a call for any inquiries!

Portfolio Prep Classes

For students who are interested in pursuing an opportunity in an arts magnet middle or high school, our Portfolio Prep for Future Artists program will help prepare your child for the interview and audition. Our instructors will review the student’s portfolio one-on-one to give feedback and recommendations in regards to what area(s) they believe your child could strengthen their artistic portfolios. Such arts magnet middle and high schools include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coral Reef Senior High School
  • Design and Architecture Senior High
  • Doral Academy Preparatory School
  • Miami Arts Charter School
  • Miami Arts Studio
  • Michael Krop Senior High School
  • New World School of the Arts
  • South Miami Middle School
  • Southwood Middle School Center for the Arts

We also offer Portfolio Prep for students interested in pursuing an opportunity in an arts college or university.

Please contact us for more information on our Portfolio Prep for Future Artists program. We would love to help your young one reach their artistic goals!


  • Classes are available for any student, ages 2+, in the arts.
  • Weekly Visual Art Classes are 1-2 hours long, depending on age and level of the student.
  • Open registration all year-round!
  • Students have the opportunity to showcase their art pieces in an Art Exhibit at the end of the school year!

For questions about our Visual Arts program, please contact our office. Send us a quick email or give us a call for more information!