Yamile Pedro 

Ms. Yamile Pedro joined the Encore faculty as a Cello (Violoncello) teacher in 2022. She teaches students of all levels using a variety of methods including the Suzuki Method. Ms. Pedro is an accomplished teacher and performer with a very successful two-decade career at schools and orchestras around the world.

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1986, Ms. Pedro pursued professional music education at age 9, completing all education levels from elementary to college. In 2005 she earned her graduate Degree from the prestigious Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) as a Cello Soloist, Professor and Chamber Music specialist.

Ms. Pedro started teaching music several years before graduating from college. In 2004 she was the Cello instructor at local music schools in Havana (‘Paulita Concepción’ and ‘Manuel Saumell’ Elementary conservatories.) Also before graduating she collaborated with the ‘Amadeo Roldán’ and ‘National School of Arts’ Youth Symphony Orchestras, where she was given the first chair of the Violoncelli section. Later she would teach at ‘Manuel Muñoz’ conservatory in Oriente, where she funded and developed the first-ever ‘Violoncello, Viola and Double Bass Department.’

Ms. Pedro has been a member of some of the most relevant symphony and chamber orchestras in Cuba, like the ‘Ballet & Opera Orchestra’ and ‘Havana Chamber Orchestra,’ where she performed under the baton of many prestigious conductors. She has been involved as well in a variety of Popular music projects. Her skills as a Cellist, Vocalist, and Percussionist allowed her to take part on studio, video/ DVD and stage productions, collaborating with internationally renowned artists like Chucho Valdes, Omara Portuondo, and the Lizt Alfonso Dance Company among many others.

Ms. Pedro has performed in countries around the world -US, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Ecuador, and others-, at such important musical venues as the Carnegie Hall in New York and the National Auditorium in Mexico City.

In 2019 Ms. Pedro moved to South Florida, US, where she keeps working and developing her talent as a teacher and performer at the Encore Academy of the Arts.