Dance Classes

At Encore, we believe physical activities are as important for our kids’ development as intellectual ones. The physical requirements of our dance classes match those of any sports. Every dance class is a work out.

Dance Classes promote a healthy life style

Students realize within the first few classes that dance is not an isolated activity. It is part to a healthy life style and, as such, we teach them about the importance of nutrition, hydration and resting as a way of optimizing their learning experience.


In many ways, dance is like a sport. It sometimes depends on a team and others on individual effort. In every case, it helps our students feel better about themselves once they have achieved their goals. Our year end and Christmas dance shows are perfect opportunities for us to teach our dance students what it is to be a professional dancer. It never cease to amaze us how our student raise to the occasion and take ownership of their responsibilities and behave, every time, like seasoned dancers.

Dance is a window into our cultures

When we teach kids how to dance, we not only teach them the rhythm, the moves, and steps; we teach them about the culture the specific dance they are learning represents.

Last but not least… dancing is fun!!

Whether it’s a flamenco class or a classical ballet lesson, kids have fun while learning to dance. It is as simple as that.

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