Lorena Gutierrez - Latin Dance 

Cuban-born Lorena Gutierrez is an accomplished dancer, choreographer and dance instructor with a successful professional career, performing and teaching on stages an schools around the world.
Ms Gutierrez joined Encore Academy of the Arts in 2022 as a ‘Latin Dance’ teacher. Her skills and solid academic training enable her to teach several other dance classes, such as Flamenco, Modern & Contemporary Dance, Ballet, and Folkloric dance styles.

According to her own recollection, at the early age of 3 Ms. Gutierrez discovered she wanted to be a dancer, ever since devoting her entire childhood to the pursue of her dream of becoming a professional dancer. At age 7 she enrolled in dance classes at the ‘Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba’ school, where she would receive academic training for several years until 2014, when she graduated with honors at the ‘National School of Arts’ earning a degree of ‘Dance Fusion.’

Ms Gutierrez started her professional career as both a dancer and teacher soon after graduating in 2014. She became a member of the ‘Lizt Alfonso Dance Company’ where she eventually filled the 1st ballerina position due to her talent, commitment and successful performances. As a soloist dancer Ms Gutierrez took on many principal roles in works such as ‘Amigas,’ ‘Cuba Vibra’ and ’Alas’ among many others. She has performed around the world in countries like the US, Canada, Spain, Israel,Turkey, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Martinique and Cuba.

As a dance teacher at Encore Academy of the Arts, Ms. Gutierrez is always looking forward to passing on her artistic knowledge and expertise to her students, so they are able to make their dreams come true just the way she did it when she was a little child.