Ivette Falcón 

Cello Lessons Miami, Kendall, South Miami and Coral Gables

Cuban born Cellist Ivette Falcón has achieved an outstanding career that spans for more than 25 years of work as a soloist, multidisciplinary instructor, as well as an orchestral, chamber, and session musician, recording and performing in stages all around the world.

Ms. Falcón has worked as a Classical performer with orchestras and chamber groups such as the Havana Philarmonic Orchestra, Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, Ars Ensemble, and Cello Duo Cassadó, collaborating with soloist such as Vladimir Spivakov, and Iliana Matos, under the baton of famous conductors such as Leo Brouwer and Marlene Urbay. But at the same time she has worked with countless international Pop, Latin, Rock, and World-music artists such as legendary Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés, Spanish singers Concha Buika and Paloma San Basilio, and Egberto Gismonti, David Byrne, Tam Tam Go, Enrique Bumbury, Gema & Pavel, Habana Abierta, Alejandro Frómeta, and Boris Larramendi, among many others.

Ms. Falcón started her professional career at the young age of 18 soon after graduating from the National School of Arts in Havana in 1991, when she earned a chair in the Havana Philharmonic Orchestra, and was appointed as the cellist of the prestigious String Quartet of Havana. In 1992 she settled in Córdoba, Spain, as the Havana String Quartet was selected by Cuban composer and conductor Leo Brouwer to work with him in the Symphony Orchestra of Córdoba. In 1995 Ms. Falcón moved to Madrid, Spain, where she received a course of Postgraduate training with Cello Chairman of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, Mikhail Khomitzer.

In 2002, Ms. Falcón began teaching in music schools in Madrid, Spain, acquiring an extensive expertise as a Violoncello, orchestra, Music Initiation, Theory, and Music Therapy instructor. From 2009 to 2014, she worked as the Principal of the “Federico Chueca” Municipal School of Music.

In 2015, Ms. Falcón settled in Miami and joined the Encore Academy of the Arts’ family as a faculty, where she currently teaches Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra for all levels. While teaching at the Encore Academy, she continues to perform regularly in concerts and local venues -Florida Chamber Orchestra, Duo Habaneras with pianist Evita Garrucho, and her husband Cuban singer Boris Larramendi,- as well as teaching at several local music schools, such as Musicall and the Frances S. Tucker Elementary School.